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Scientology: Its Background and Origins
Scientology Principles and Application
The Services of Scientology
Chaplain, Ministerial, Ethics and Justice Services
The Effectiveness of Scientology
Churches of Scientology and Their Activities
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World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE)
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The Statistics and Growth of Scientology
A Scientology Catechism
L. Ron Hubbard

Part Three

The Services of Scientology

People benefit from Scientology through specific services which translate its philosophy into religious practice – practical applications of Scientology principles. Auditing and training are the two central services of the Scientology religion. Each service has an end result, enabling a person to increase his spiritual awareness and ability. His problems resolve, his relationships improve and his outlook on life brightens. He understands himself better and becomes more able.

Scientology can be addressed to any area in one’s life. An arrangement of clearly defined services makes it possible for anyone to learn and apply its different aspects. In this way people progress up the Bridge to spiritual freedom.

The chapters in this part describe the services of Scientology. These follow the pattern of the Classification, Gradation and Awareness Chart, starting with introductory books and services and progressing up to different auditing levels and courses of training. All of the categories of services offered at churches and missions are discussed, including the Scientology system of ethics which helps people apply Scientology for the greatest gains.

Each chapter describes a category of service and may be read independently of the rest. If the reader is especially interested in one category in particular, he can find it in the table of contents and read that chapter first. All chapters should be read in order to gain a full appreciation and understanding of the Scientology services that make up the Bridge to Freedom.


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