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t is easy for someone new to Scientology to take his first steps on the Bridge to Total Freedom. His introduction to the religion usually comes through reading one of L. Ron Hubbard’s books and/or attending a lecture about Dianetics or Scientology given by a Scientologist at a church or mission. After realizing there are areas in his life and environment that he would like to change for the better, and that Scientology has a technology that will help him achieve this, he is usually eager to begin a service. And with this as the impetus, he finds Dianetics and Scientology introductory services which provide an accessible first step.

While the following services are described as “introductory,” their power to bring about positive spiritual benefit should not be underestimated. Each service provides much insight into the basic precepts and practices of Dianetics and Scientology and furnishes valuable data one can immediately apply to improve life — one’s own and that of others.

Dianetics and Scientology is a vast body of wisdom. It is presented in a series of gradient levels that enable one to rise in spiritual awareness and ability with certainty and stability. And like all services in Scientology, these initial ones are designed on an ideal gradient.

Introductory services are usually short in length and can be completed in a few evenings at any church or mission. Several, but by no means all, of these services are described below. While they are usually done in the order given below, this may vary according to an initial assessment which helps gauge a person’s current spiritual state. This includes testing such as a personality profile which measures ten different traits, the person’s knowledge of Scientology, what Scientology books he has read, and other factors. With the help of a Scientologist who knows exactly what part of Scientology best matches the individual’s immediate needs, he can then progress in the sequence that is right for him.

His first action before beginning any service, however, will invariably be to see the Orientation film which, as described below, shows him what he will find in a church of Scientology. The next step is usually the Success Through Communication Course which provides invaluable tools which will help him progress more effectively in everything he does in Scientology. In addition, one finds a lineup of introductory services which address specific needs which may be appropriate depending upon the initial assessment that has been done. All exist, however, to move him through the introductory area and onto and up the Bridge to Total Freedom.


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