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Part Eight

Social Reform Activities

While religious leaders have long recognized that man’s spiritual well-being cannot be entirely divorced from temporal concerns, few churches have dedicated themselves so thoroughly to the cause of social reform as the Church of Scientology. Through its diligence and persistence, the Church is recognized by many as a leading champion of human rights, one that involves itself in arenas wherever injustice has been perceived.

It may seem unusual for a church to actively involve itself, as the Church of Scientology has done, in the exposure of psychiatric abuses around the world, governmental abuses of law and human rights, international law enforcement corruption and a host of other ills that plague society, but the fact is Scientologists care as much about the here and now as the hereafter. The Creed of the Church specifically addresses the inalienable rights of all men, regardless of race, color or creed, and the actions of Scientologists everywhere have given these words true substance.


More Social Reform Activities

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