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Part Nine

World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE)

If Scientologists are to survive this world, L. Ron Hubbard explained, they must see to the survival of all men. They must dedicate themselves to the eradication of injustice, constantly work to raise levels of ethics and restore sanity in all sectors of society.

Although members of the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (“WISE”) represent a diverse group – from presidents of advertising companies to owners of auto repair shops – each has discovered a vital fact: the principles and techniques of organizational administration that L. Ron Hubbard developed for churches of Scientology could be adopted to run their own organizations – whether a Boy Scout troop, governmental agency or industrial giant – with phenomenal results. And because this philosophy and technology of administration reflects Mr. Hubbard’s strict standards of ethical conduct, they found out that, along with unparalleled successes, their workplaces had become havens of stability, sanity and ethics.

WISE plays a pivotal role in bringing this about. Originally formed as a fellowship of Scientologist businessmen and women, WISE now also is the entity responsible for making Mr. Hubbard’s administrative technology available to the business community. By functioning as an autonomous corporation separate and apart from churches of Scientology, WISE insulates them from activities that do not belong in a church and would distract staff from their real purpose – the ministry of Scientology.

WISE accomplishes its goal through a variety of activities. It authorizes use of symbols and copyrighted works relating to Mr. Hubbard’s administrative technology by individuals who want to use them in teaching business administration to others or in consulting with other businesses. It helps its members resolve business disputes they may be involved in by providing them the mechanism for applying the principles and techniques of Scientology’s system of ethics and justice. And WISE stands ready at any time to answer questions businessmen and women may have as to the many ways in which they can benefit from Mr. Hubbard’s discoveries.


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