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Part One

Scientology: Its Background and Origins

Scientology follows a long tradition of religious practice. Its roots lie in the deepest beliefs and aspirations of all great religions, thus encompassing a religious heritage as old and as varied as man himself.

Though drawing upon the wisdom of some 50,000 years, Scientology is a new religion, one which has isolated fundamental laws of life and, for the first time, developed a workable technology that can be applied to help one achieve a happier and more spiritual existence. Scientology is therefore something one does, not merely something one believes in – an important point which will be greatly clarified as you read on.

That Scientology’s development and rapid promulgation was made possible, in part, by advances in the physical sciences through the first half of the twentieth century is significant. Scientology constitutes man’s first real application of scientific methodology to spiritual questions.

Part One of this site provides a firm grounding on the subject of Scientology, covering three topics, with a chapter devoted to each. The first provides a brief introduction to the Scientology religion and a basic explanation of its principles. The second traces the history of religious thought in order to place Scientology into its proper context and clarify the path it follows. The third chapter introduces the reader to the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard.


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