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Part Four

Chaplain, Ministerial, Ethics and Justice Services

While Scientology ministers perform many of the traditional ceremonies and services common to most religions, they also conduct services that are unique to Scientology. Scientology provides a clearly mapped pathway to full spiritual awareness, one which brings about an understanding of life. Yet on this planet life does contain distractions and problems that can divert one from this goal. One of the primary functions of a Scientology minister is to help one transcend these barriers. Armed with L. Ron Hubbard’s technology, a Scientology minister is uniquely qualified to accomplish this purpose.

Even when progress in Scientology appears stalled or when difficulties arise, there are solutions which enable one to continue his spiritual advancement. Mr. Hubbard not only provided the technology which creates the path, but he also isolated reasons for any apparent failures in application and thoroughly codified methods to resolve these, making Scientology, as shown in Chapter 18, capable of correcting even itself. Scientology is a religion where, ultimately, everyone wins.


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