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ccording to the personal accounts of Scientologists in Chapter 19, the gains to be had in Scientology are considerable, even miraculous. By far the largest percentage of people who take part in Scientology training or auditing achieve gains comparable to those. Occasional failures have, however, been reported. But, when Scientology appears to go wrong, there is invariably a specific error that has been made in the application of technology which, when remedied, enables it to then work and achieve the expected results. The fact is: Scientology works 100 percent of the time when it is properly applied to a person who sincerely desires to improve his life.

Such a statement is all the more remarkable when one considers that the general attitude of man toward help or improvement has considerably worsened under the relatively recent influences of psychiatry and psychology. For concurrent with the rise of these two fields came soaring violent crime rates, the creation and rapid proliferation of drug abuse, plummeting educational standards, a weakening of moral standards and a legion of social, economic and other ills. Such a correlation is not coincidental.

These problems of modern living have a direct connection to the massive injection of false psychiatric and psychological solutions into the culture. The steady decay of social institutions over the past century followed the ill-considered adoption of psychiatric dogma in the management of our schools, family affairs, child rearing, interpersonal relationships, the arts, criminal justice, politics and other areas.


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