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Part Six

Churches of Scientology and Their Activities

The Scientology religion offers mankind the true path to spiritual freedom.

But for an individual to make that journey, there must be some form of organizational structure within which an individual church, or an entire international hierarchy, can function in order to help individuals move along this path.

This need has existed since the very earliest days of Dianetics and Scientology, when the first organization was formed in Mr. Hubbard's living room. As word of the miracles of his discoveries spread, more and more people arrived at his doorstep and it was soon very obvious some form of organization would be needed.

But what form would that organization take? As Mr. Hubbard soon discovered, a workable technology of groups was just as sadly lacking as a true understanding of the mind and spirit. After allowing the adoption of standard management practices of the day and seeing them fail miserably, Mr. Hubbard realized it would be necessary to develop an entirely new system of organizational administration.

And so he did. That pattern of operation became the administrative foundation upon which the entirety of Scientology was built.

Today, every church of Scientology in the world is organized into a standard pattern and organizational structure which makes it possible to minister to the needs of their ever-growing congregations. Individual churches are organized into a hierarchical structure which encompasses all churches and their supporting organizations. From the missions and groups at the entry point of Scientology to the advanced churches which minister the highest levels of Scientology religious services, individual churches of Scientology are the milestones which mark the road Scientologists walk as they cross the Bridge.

This section explains how individual churches of Scientology and the overall international ecclesiastical hierarchy are organized, and how they function to support Scientology’s ministry.


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