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Part Ten

Social Betterment Activities

It is impossible to ignore the signs of decay in modern society – drug abuse, criminality, failing education and moral decline. Each of these devastating social ills, if left unremedied, will ultimately destroy the very foundations upon which any civilized society is structured.

Scientologists always have been concerned about this decline in society at large, well knowing that L. Ron Hubbard’s technology has wide secular applications that are of inestimable benefit beyond the religious arena. The word “technology” is used to describe “the methods of application of the principles of something, as opposed to mere knowledge of the thing itself.” Mr. Hubbard was no ivory tower theorist. The principles he discovered are meant to be used. Thus, technology refers to the methods he developed through which these principles can be applied.

It is the workability of this secular technology in its broad application that has united both Scientologists and non-Scientologists since the 1960s to effectively arrest the decline of our society and rid the world of its devastating social ills.


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