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hile the severity of society’s ills is such that to some their resolution might seem impossible, and indeed may well have been impossible just a few short decades ago, they can be – and in fact are being – resolved by social betterment organizations that apply Mr. Hubbard’s technologies and principles:

Drug and alcohol abuse. Narconon International, which oversees a global network of drug rehabilitation and drug education centers, is dedicated to restoring drug-free lives to drug-dependent people through the use of Mr. Hubbard’s drug rehabilitation methods. Narconon also provides educational programs to help school-age children and others avoid the trap of drugs.

Crime. Criminon International helps incarcerated criminals learn to be productive members of society and brings about reform so that prisons actually rehabilitate.

Education. Applied Scholastics International assists students, parents, tutors, teachers and educational organizations around the world to eradicate illiteracy with Mr. Hubbard’s study technology.

Morals. Utilizing Mr. Hubbard’s nonreligious moral code, The Way to Happiness, The Way to Happiness Foundation is creating a groundswell of international support for moral reform amongst both children and adults.


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