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ecause it has long been acknowledged that spiritual progress and proper conduct are inextricably linked, all great religious philosophies contain some form of ethical, moral and/or judicial system. Most obviously, one finds the Ten Commandments aimed at outlawing those transgressions deemed most offensive to God and most injurious to the Jewish people. Similarly, the Buddhists developed the concept of Right Livelihood, while Christian notions of sin fill a thousand pages or more. But merely setting down rules has never appreciably led to improvement, and it was not until L. Ron Hubbard defined and codified the subject that there was any workable technology of ethics and justice for increased happiness, prosperity and survival.

When considering the ethics and justice of Scientology, there is another, equally relevant factor that must be taken into account: to a Scientologist, it is not enough to care only for one’s own survival, to better his personal spiritual existence through Scientology, while leaving his fellows to their own devices. As Scientologists advance in their religion, they become increasingly aware of their environment and those around them, and their responsibility for the community and the world in general. The ethical and judicial systems of Scientology are therefore appropriately far more than a matter of personal concern; they are an integral part of the broader view of bettering conditions across all dynamics, of helping make a world free of the degradation, violence and suffering so common in modern culture.


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