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ntil Dianetics and Scientology, no one knew the principles of a successful group any more than they knew the principles of the human mind.

Recognizing that what all too often passes for life in the modern workplace is endless drudgery, inefficiency, insecurity and bureaucratic entanglements, individuals began to utilize the same administrative principles L. Ron Hubbard developed for use in Scientology churches to improve their own businesses, organizations, groups and even their personal lives.

Their reasoning was simple: As Mr. Hubbard’s administrative policies are based on natural laws of life and living, they certainly could be applied to bring sanity, stability and expansion to any organization outside of the Church. Why, for example, must any individual suffer sleepless nights worrying about the future of their business or favorite club or other organization when Mr. Hubbard has so plainly outlined practical means of survival in any group endeavor?

Why, too, must anyone – employee, executive or volunteer – suffer from continual infighting, backbiting and day-to-day duress when Mr. Hubbard so precisely lays out rules for group harmony? Moreover, many had long been utilizing principles from such Scientology books as The Problems of Work to help resolve problems in group and work situations. Some even compiled their own manuals using some of Mr. Hubbard’s material for use in training their employees, while others used what they knew to assist colleagues.


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