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Ongoing Crusade Against Injustice

These are just some of the highlights of the Church of Scientology’s ongoing work to eradicate injustice, abuse of the weak and betrayals of public trust. It is no easy task; social reform requires constant vigilance and a willingness to confront those ugly facts most would like to ignore.

A just and enlightened civilization does not tolerate brutalities toward the helpless among its citizens. Nor does a true civilization allow monolithic governments to subvert the rights of its most honest and productive people. It is often said that power corrupts. And so it has been in many civilizations that have come and gone in ages past. When citizens feel they can no longer do something about injustice, they have taken a giant step toward abdicating their rights to freedom.

Scientologists have the courage and determination to do something about it. They have, indeed, drawn the line, not just for themselves, but for all men of goodwill. While some of the dreadful things that happen in this world may seem far distant from the life you live, you should know this: that what Scientologists are doing, they are doing for you. And in doing so, they are bringing all mankind closer to a higher and better civilization.

For more information about topics in this chapter, visit the following sites on the Internet:
http://www.freedommag.org, and http://www.cchr.org.


More Social Reform Activities

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