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ife for the individual quite commonly is looked upon as a descent into an abyss. Scientology’s symbol of the Bridge to Total Freedom crosses this abyss and illustrates the idea of traveling from unknowingness to revelation. Remarkably, this Bridge is more than a mere symbol, however, for the Scientology Classification, Gradation and Awareness Chart shows how a person moves step by step to higher states. It contains the idea of the different states of existence and the entirely new idea that one can progress upward on it and improve his spiritual condition. To achieve maximum gain, one must travel up both sides of the Chart: the gradation or processing side on the right, and the classification or training side on the left.

Training is a vital necessity on the journey to true spiritual freedom. There are three reasons for training in Scientology: first, to be a professional auditor and to work at it in life; second, to be an auditor so that one can help one’s friends and associates; and third, to help oneself achieve the greatest gains possible. There is no substitute for understanding, and an understanding of life comes from training.


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