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he amount of research L. Ron Hubbard conducted on man, the mind and life is astounding. He wrote millions of words and delivered many millions more in lectures. His own creed provides that wisdom is only worthwhile if it can be shared, and Mr. Hubbard spent years making his materials readily available for anyone with a desire to improve his life. Today, the Church of Scientology carries on that intention.

Why is there so much information? Dianetics and Scientology contain answers to the broadest field of all, the field of life. And the materials of Dianetics and Scientology are a precisely laid route to higher states of ability and awareness. Of greater importance than the sheer quantity and exactitude of material, however, is the fact that one can begin to apply the technology to one’s own life and the lives of others as soon as he starts to learn it. One is not required to sequester himself away for twenty years on a mountaintop to see improvement. We are alive now. With L. Ron Hubbard’s technology, we can improve now.

With the multitude of services available, the question naturally arises, “Which is the best way to travel up the Bridge?”

There are three general routes of progress up the Bridge. Each route has its advantages: (1) training as an auditor, (2) individual auditing as a preclear, and (3) a combination of individual auditing and auditor training, done concurrently. What follows is a discussion of each route with recommendations on how to make the most certain progress.


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