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Decades of people moving up the Bridge to Total Freedom have recognized that training as an auditor is the most optimum way to progress in Scientology. The value of Scientology training cannot be overstated, since training provides the understanding of life necessary to live successfully. Before one will succeed in any game, he must learn its rules and develop the necessary skills. Without the rules, one upsets the other players. Without the skills, one can hardly play, much less win. Training in Scientology teaches one the rules and develops the needed skills, but here the game is life itself. With Scientology it is a game where everyone wins.

It is proven that a person who is technically trained in Scientology is much more able to handle work and personnel than an untrained individual. How can people handle life if they have no expert knowledge of how to go about it? Those who become trained as auditors in Scientology are not expected to only audit. That is a limited view of Scientology and its applications to life. While the skill of a trained auditor as applied to auditing someone is the most valuable skill of all, a trained Scientologist is also far more effective in the factories, the offices, the homes and the neighborhoods than someone who is not trained.

Training as a professional auditor has the further advantage of being the most economical route up the Bridge. As a trained auditor one can receive his own auditing by exchanging with another auditor, and in this fashion advance up the processing side of the Bridge. He is thus able to move up both sides of the Classification, Gradation and Awareness Chart at the same time and gain both an objective and subjective understanding of the technology.

As an auditor, one can do far more to improve people and conditions in life. Foremost amongst things an auditor can do is free another spiritually and there is nothing more valuable than that. Through auditing a person becomes spiritually free and only an auditor can make that happen.


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