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Case Supervisor Training

Successful auditing is a team activity requiring the work of additional people besides the auditor and preclear. In order to ensure Scientology technology is ministered correctly in all cases, auditing is overseen by another technically trained person called the Case Supervisor (C/S). The Case Supervisor directs auditing actions for each individual preclear under his care. Case is a general term for a person being helped in auditing. The Case Supervisor’s purpose is to see that the technology is ministered standardly for the greatest possible benefit of the preclear. Ultimately, it is the Case Supervisor who is responsible for the technical quality in his area. “A Case Supervisor,” as L. Ron Hubbard succinctly described, “is specially trained to analyze cases and sessions.”

The Case Supervisor is a highly trained and interned auditor who has completed additional training in the technology of supervising auditing. Not every auditor becomes a C/S, but every Case Supervisor is a highly skilled auditor.

The Case Supervisor reviews all auditing sessions ministered by auditors under his charge. A Case Supervisor goes over every session and tells the auditor what to do in the next one. Case Supervisors are the men and women who are behind the scenes of all good auditing that is done.


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