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The C/S verifies that each auditor’s sessions are standardly done and directs the auditor on what services to minister session by session, based on an overall program of auditing drawn up especially for each individual to ensure his maximum spiritual progress. He helps the auditor minister the technology correctly and, if some error in procedure is made, he sees that the auditor is corrected. The skill of an auditor is thus enormously improved by a good C/S.

The C/S, not being directly involved in the session, studies the technical report made by the auditor; this distance often furnishes a clear and valuable view of the preclear’s overall progress. He is there for the preclear and is dedicated to getting the preclear through anything that may come up in his auditing. “Most pcs know the C/S is there,” L. Ron Hubbard once wrote in an early bulletin to Case Supervisors. “This awareness is also a great trust and it is a trust that is earned by great results and is never betrayed.”

Case Supervisor training consists of courses followed by internships of their own. In this way, you learn the technology of case supervision and then gain practical experience supervising the auditing of others. There are C/S courses following Class IV, Class V, Class V Graduate, Class VA Graduate, Class VI, Class VII, Class VIII, Class IX and Class XII.


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