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The Technical Specialist Courses train an auditor on the specialized techniques to resolve a broad spectrum of mental and spiritual maladies. There are 19 separate courses, each covering a different subject.


Auditor Internships

“A course graduate becomes an auditor by auditing,” L. Ron Hubbard once wrote. “That means LOTS of auditing.”

After training on selected services, your auditor skills are developed and polished to top-caliber level through practical, on-the-job apprenticing under expert technical supervision. This is done through internship programs.

Newly trained auditors undergo a daily schedule of auditing a high number of hours on preclears, review of their sessions and correction of any errors, auditing, correcting, drilling, more auditing, correcting, auditing – each day gaining invaluable practical experience.

This intensive practical regimen brings to light any weakness in your ability to apply all materials studied in your training. Particular emphasis is given to these areas until the auditor becomes competent in them. Through this pattern of daily auditing, combined with inspection and any needed correction of errors, you will build up to an ability to flawlessly audit for many hours each day.

When an intern can routinely minister well-done auditing with a number of preclears, and polishes any rough edges so he can think with his materials without hesitation on what to do in an auditing session, he has completed his internship. Internships are rigorous and, through them, you will quickly become a top-flight, expert auditor – and invariably raise your competence in life.


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