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Once you complete a major auditor training level at a Scientology church, special courses are available to broaden your technical skills and rapidly help you resolve particular problems a preclear may sometimes encounter. These special processes and rundowns are not contained in the normal course of auditing actions on the Bridge.

These courses comprise a body of studies which cover a panorama of specific rundowns and technical skills. (These techniques, in addition to the full philosophical theory underlying them, are included within the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course.)

Each Technical Specialist Course takes from two days to two weeks and requires no internship to enable you to rapidly acquire the skills you need. Each procedure learned will resolve an exact condition in the preclear, enabling him to continue his spiritual progress. These services are the most direct way for you to learn, for example, all the procedures necessary to repair victims of psychiatric invalidation and evaluation, to assist people to overcome specific fears and to help others rid themselves of false purposes.

These are all conditions that can slow a preclear’s spiritual progress, but through Technical Specialist training, you become fully capable of helping any person resolve such barriers so that he may continue up the Bridge.


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