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Scientology: Its Background and Origins
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L. Ron Hubbard


There are many books one can read to find out about Dianetics and Scientology, to decide for oneself whether the observations and phenomena Mr. Hubbard describes are true. All of Mr. Hubbard’s works on Dianetics and Scientology are straightforward, exact and written to be understood by anyone. Furthermore, they contain practical knowledge that lends itself to immediate application. The basic books for someone new to the subject contain explanations of the most fundamental principles underlying Mr. Hubbard’s discoveries on the mind and the spirit and are described here.

There are also many introductory services which provide more information and practical application in the fundamentals of Dianetics and Scientology. They are described in the next chapter, “Dianetics and Scientology Introductory Services.”

Often, the first thing one who is interested in Dianetics and Scientology and their founder sees is the Introduction to Scientology video. This one-hour filmed interview, the only one ever granted by Mr. Hubbard, explains how he made his discoveries and breakthroughs during his explorations of the mind, spirit and life. He discusses his bestseller, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, and how Scientology came about. And he answers the most commonly asked questions: What is Scientology? Why is it a religion? What is the difference between the mind and the spirit? What is man’s true purpose? How do people benefit from Scientology? And what do people do in churches of Scientology?


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