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Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health

Before Dianetics the world did not have a precise and workable means to resolve problems of the mind. Into this dark age, like a bolt from the blue, came the publication of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.

Published on May 9, 1950, Dianetics was hailed as a breakthrough by Walter Winchell, noted columnist of the New York Daily Mirror “as revolutionary for humanity as the first caveman’s discovery and utilization of fire.” The book instantly became a New York Times bestseller, and has routinely outsold the average bestseller year after year for five decades. In fact, no other book in history has even appeared on the New York Times bestseller list nearly fifty years after its first publication and appearance. With 18 million copies sold, it is indisputably the most widely read and influential book on the human mind ever published. That its importance was immediately recognized can be seen in the fact that within the first year of its initial release, more than 750 Dianetics groups sprang up in the United States.

This book marks a turning point in man’s knowledge and understanding of himself. It is the manual of Dianetics procedure. In Dianetics, L. Ron Hubbard details the dynamic principle of existence (Survive!) and provides the first accurate description of the human mind, what it consists of and how it operates. He describes in great detail the source of all human aberration: the reactive mind and its engrams. Having discovered the barrier to rationality and survival, L. Ron Hubbard then developed a technology to eradicate its harmful effects, resulting in a new state of existence for man, the state of Clear. The auditing techniques for erasing engrams and creating Clears are covered in vivid detail in Dianetics and continue to be widely used today.

The importance of this book was not underestimated when it was first published – and should not be today. Anyone who has not read Dianetics remains ignorant of the most important breakthroughs on the subject of the human mind.


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