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Every culture in every age has relied upon a moral code to promote positive, constructive conduct and discourage destructive, harmful acts. Although much in these past moral codes may not seem particularly applicable at the close of the twentieth century or the beginning of a new millennium, when those codes were written they were entirely relevant. They helped perpetuate the family, the group and nation. They provided means by which individuals upheld basic tenets of honesty and mutual trust. In short, moral codes supplied the overriding principles by which men could live peaceably, prosperously and in harmony with one another.

Today’s declining morality has long been a point of grave concern. If art and entertainment are any reflection of our culture, then we live in genuinely frightening times. It is an era of gratuitous violence wherein we have the potential for immense destruction, but no corresponding moral standards to check that destruction. It is an age of senseless killing, unrestrained greed and such profoundly deep cynicism that even the concept of morals often brings a sneer. From textbooks which teach that man is an animal to the banning of school prayer, materialists and so-called “authorities” in mental science have helped create a social and academic climate hostile to morality, where human life is viewed as something temporal and accidental.

But just as all ancient cultures required a moral code for their survival, so too does our own culture desperately need such a code by which we may live. Judging by modern crime rates, divorce rates, substance abuse and falling confidence in government, one could predict the seeds have been sown for serious social upheaval unless countered by a commensurate effort to restore traditional values.


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