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Using Study Technology, Applied Scholastics offers effective education solutions for anybody. Applied Scholastics programs can be used to overcome Learning Disabilities and to increase the learning rate of students.

Some people try to say common things with uncommon words instead of saying uncommon things with common words. But this course taught me to understand simple words which turn out to be the ones we often don’t understand. I have changed a great deal in just two days of this course. Yesterday I spent my day practicing what I learned and it became great fun. I no longer worry about how I am going to study. L. Ron Hubbard’s study technology is amazing.


Applied Scholastics International is located in St. Louis, MO. You can contact Applied Scholastics at 877-75-LEARN or call Toll free at 800-424-539

Applied Scholastics on the Internet

For a viritual tour of the Applied Scholastics campus and more information on the application of Study Tech in teacher training, homeschooling, mentoring and tutoring, and in helping students visit http://www.appliedscholastics.org


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