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That man is a spiritual being is the most fundamental truth in Scientology and no matter where a parishioner receives Scientology services, his problems can be handled by addressing the underlying spiritual factors which hold those difficulties in place. At the advanced levels of Scientology, however, one begins to explore the true nature of the spiritual universe and to confront the long-hidden lies which have led him to drastically reduce his own potential as a spiritual being. Church of Scientology Advanced Organizations minister these OT (Operating Thetan) levels, as they are called, states of spiritual existence and ability heretofore unknown to man.

At an Advanced Organization, the individual recovers lost abilities and gains new insights into the nature of his own spirituality, his relationship to others, the material universe and the eighth dynamic. Thus it is not surprising to find that an atmosphere of spiritual discovery permeates these churches. Those who come to an Advanced Organization have studied long and hard to reach this point on the Bridge and moving up the OT levels is a significant step. It is here that individuals fully recover true certainty of their own spirituality and become confident of their ability to play and win the game of life, not only today but far into the future.

Advanced Organization churches minister to parishioners who move up the Bridge from missions and Class V churches in countries on every continent. Advanced Organization churches are located in Los Angeles, California; East Grinstead, England; Copenhagen, Denmark and Sydney, Australia. At these churches, one progresses through the OT levels to the completion of OT Section V. Advanced Organizations also minister the training services Class VIII Auditor and Case Supervisor Courses.


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