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In the Advanced Organization of Los Angeles, Scientologists from throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and South America participate in the OT levels or Class VIII Auditor training. Similarly, the Advanced Organization in Sydney, Australia, ministers to Scientologists from the Southern Hemisphere and the Orient. Parishioners from throughout Europe travel to the Advanced Organization in Denmark, where the OT levels are ministered in every major language of the continent. And Scientologists from the United Kingdom go to the Advanced Organization at Saint Hill in East Grinstead, Sussex, England.

Each OT level is a step on an exciting journey to spiritual discovery. As one parishioner described it, “Things which I never understood about myself and others were suddenly perfectly clear. My life was different every day.”

Another parishioner described her experience: “As I walked through the door of the Advanced Organization, I knew I had come to an extraordinary place. The bustle and excitement and the familiar Scientology friendliness were my first impressions. I felt immediately at home even though this church was many times the size of the church in my community. I met Scientologists from all walks of life — a house painter, physician, architect, actor, fireman — and we became good friends during the weeks we were on the Advanced Courses together. There is no way to describe the exhilaration I felt as a result of experiencing these spiritual levels.”

To a Scientologist, arrival at an Advanced Organization is a major landmark in his spiritual journey across the Bridge. At this juncture, he is fully prepared for his most important steps yet on the path which leads upward to true spiritual freedom.


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