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I sought out other solutions, I tried other philosophies and never found one that really indicated the truth to me. Scientology presented precepts to me that really made me feel like I had found, at last, the guidelines that I had been searching for.

Before Scientology I had one dream of making a living, doing voice-overs for animation. After I became a Scientologist my abilities expanded so far and above what I originally dreamed for myself that I’ve amazed even myself at my enormous increase of abilities.

I’ve won an Emmy, a platinum and a gold album. I’ve written and starred in a one–woman show and I have a bright future as a producer.

I’ve got two beautiful children, an incredibly supportive husband, a staff working with me for the same future dreams and goals, and all of this is because I became a Scientologist.

Nancy Cartwright
Actress, Writer & Producer


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