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The Scientology Axioms


Axiom 11

The considerations resulting in conditions of existence are fourfold:

a. AS-ISNESS is the condition of immediate creation without persistence, and is the condition of existence which exists at the moment of creation and the moment of destruction, and is different from other considerations in that it does not contain survival.

b. ALTER-ISNESS is the consideration which introduces change, and therefore time and persistence, into an AS-ISNESS to obtain persistency.

c. ISNESS is an apparency of existence brought about by the continuous alteration of an AS-ISNESS. This is called, when agreed upon, reality.

d. NOT-ISNESS is the effort to handle ISNESS by reducing its condition through the use of force. It is an apparency and cannot entirely vanquish an ISNESS.

Axiom 12

The primary condition of any universe is that two spaces, energies or objects must not occupy the same space. When this condition is violated (a perfect duplicate) the apparency of any universe or any part thereof is nulled.

Axiom 13

The cycle of action of the physical universe is create, survive (which is persist), destroy.

Axiom 14

Survival is accomplished by alter-isness and not-isness, by which is gained the persistency known as time.

Axiom 15

Creation is accomplished by the postulation of an as-isness.

Axiom 16

Complete destruction is accomplished by the postulation of the as-isness of any existence and the parts thereof.


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