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Mr. Hubbard’s technology on how to study has been used by Scientologists and like-minded non-Scientologists around the world to help students and teachers alike. One place where this technology has made major inroads in combating illiteracy is in South Africa, where it has helped more than two million native Africans improve their ability to study.

Another important area of activity for Scientologists is raising moral standards in society. With the support and cooperation of Scientologists, local community service, business and governmental organizations have distributed tens of millions of copies of the nonreligious moral code, The Way to Happiness, now available in more than twenty different languages. Its use has led to a revitalization of purpose for people of all ages who apply its simple truths to their lives and to the environment around them.

Another prevalent activity for Scientologists is to expose and eradicate the violations of human rights perpetrated by psychiatry. Many Scientologists do this as members of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), a reform group which was established by the Church in 1969.

They actively investigate psychiatric abuses and bring these to the attention of the media, legislators and groups concerned with protecting people from brutal psychiatric techniques. Such practices as psychosurgery, electroshock and the administration of dangerous psychiatric drugs have destroyed the minds and lives of millions of individuals. Through the efforts of Scientologists working with CCHR, public awareness of the disastrous results of psychiatric methods has been raised and major steps taken to outlaw such practices.


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