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Scientology Is Announced

With the continuation of his research through the autumn and early winter of 1951, Dianetics auditors were invited to study a new subject, one which would place them squarely in the spiritual realm – Scientology. By early spring 1952, some 15,000 persons were utilizing Scientology principles toward the betterment of their lives.

To train and audit these founding Scientologists, a Scientology center was established at 1407 North Central Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona. There, the recently formed Hubbard Association of Scientologists International (HASI) offered two classes of membership, one technical and one general. To keep HASI members informed of technical breakthroughs and Association news, the first Journal of Scientology was published in August 1952 – a typewritten mimeograph, partially funded with paid notices from HASI members offering instruction and auditing in such cities as Boston, Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago, Honolulu, and Little Rock, Arkansas.

As news of Scientology moved east across the Atlantic and interest took root in England, Mr. Hubbard was asked to lecture in London. Arriving in September 1952, he found a surprisingly substantial Scientology community. Under his supervision, England soon had a growing number of certified Scientology auditors and many more students in training at the London center.

Back in the United States, Scientologists were equally enthusiastic, touring the length and breadth of California to offer auditing demonstrations and Group Processing – all, as the Journal reported, “in a very spirited fashion.”


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