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ABLE’s Commitment to Life-Saving Results

Based in Los Angeles, ABLE International carries out its programs both directly and through a network of continental and national offices located throughout the world. ABLE and its affiliated offices closely monitor the activities and accomplishments of the four international social betterment organizations discussed in the previous chapters covering Narconon International, Criminon International, Applied Scholastics International and The Way to Happiness Foundation.

These international organizations each shoulder the primary responsibilities for their respective areas of concern — whether drug rehabilitation, criminal rehabilitation, education or raising public morals. Through their own network of continental offices, each provides direct guidance, assistance and support to the social betterment groups working on the front lines — all the local Narconon, Criminon, Applied Scholastics and Way to Happiness groups.

ABLE’s function is to ensure that the entire social betterment network is applying Mr. Hubbard’s life-saving technology properly so the programs conducted under the names and symbols associated with this technology — such as “Narconon” and “Applied Scholastics” and their logos — are as effective as they can be. ABLE also informs the public of the incredible successes that are accomplished through these social betterment programs. Thus, ABLE not only helps those who directly receive or use this technology to achieve previously unheard of results, it also makes those results known to every sector of society seeking to eradicate drug abuse, illiteracy and crime, and improve declining morality.


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