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Improving Education with L. Ron Hubbard’s Study Technology

The ability to understand and retain data, to actually be able to learn, is vital for almost anyone in today’s world, adult or child. New technologies, the constant avalanche of information, even something as simple as reading the directions of household electronic equipment requires comprehension.

L. Ron Hubbard’s study technology is thus an advance of gigantic significance in a world of steady educational decline, a world in which the field of education has abdicated its role to the extent that today students are not even taught how to learn. Study technology is a vast body of knowledge that not only consistently teaches people to learn how to learn, but delineates the previously unknown three major barriers to effective study. Armed with this knowledge, anyone can now successfully study. And altogether this represents nothing less than a revolution in the field of education.

It is the job of Applied Scholastics to place this technology in the hands of the world’s students and educators. Applied Scholastics International is a nonprofit public benefit corporation whose purpose is to provide educators, governments, vocational trainers, community groups, parents and students with the learning tools they need to achieve a world free from illiteracy, where individuals know how to learn and can achieve their chosen goals.


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