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In the United States, NCLE has contributed to several investigations by the US General Accounting Office, an arm of the US Congress, on such subjects as the security of sensitive law enforcement files maintained on computerized data bases.

Through the years, NCLE has worked with many individuals and grass-roots groups to broadly educate people on the importance of preserving and advancing individual rights and freedoms within the framework of constitutional government.

NCLE has also conducted extensive research into problems with justice systems internationally. Based on these findings, a task force was launched to educate and propose reforms to lighten court loads and expedite justice.

In the United States, NCLE investigated instances of constitutional violations by officials of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and found evidence that vested interests were using the agency for personal gain. It became evident that armed raids and arbitrary actions by certain FDA officials had violated constitutional protections and civil rights of many individuals in the health food industry. NCLE found that the FDA had approved drugs and other consumer items despite clear indications that they were harmful to adults and children, and took action accordingly to expose the abuses which had come to light.


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