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Trademarks are legal assurances of the genuine origins of the materials they identify. Numerous words and symbols represent Scientology’s many component parts. Indeed, the words “Scientology” and “Dianetics” are themselves trademarks, which along with the other marks prevent unauthorized use of the names, symbols and materials of Scientology, thus guaranteeing the purity of the religion and its practices. Below are but a few examples:


The Scientology Symbol is a trademark incorporating the letter “S” for Scientology, the ARC triangle, and the KRC triangle. It identifies materials and services of the Scientology religion throughout the world.


Introduced in 1950, the Symbol of Dianetics is a trademarked symbol whose stripes represent the four dynamics of Dianetics.


The state of Operating Thetan is represented by a specific trademark, the OT Symbol.


The Scientology Cross is a trademark, the eight points of which represent each of the eight dynamics.


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