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Division 3 is Treasury. All corporations, even religious ones, are required to keep proper financial records. The church's fixed donation system of fund-raising provides the financial support necessary for it to disseminate Scientology, carry on its work in the community and continue its ministry to a growing congregation. Division 3 pays the bills and keeps financial records. It also provides for the upkeep of the church's premises and equipment.

Division 4 is the Technical Division, and its staff minister the church's core religious services of auditing and training. It is here where a parishioner participates in the services of the Grade Chart. Since auditing and training are the central activities of every church, this division often contains four to five times more personnel than other divisions. The other divisions of the organization support and facilitate these activities.

The next division, Division 5, is the Qualifications Division. This division sees to the enhancement, training and care of the staff. Any staff member who has any difficulty in performing his duties will receive immediate attention and help from Division 5. Division 5 also helps parishioners who have difficulty applying the principles they have learned in training, and conducts internships in auditor training. It also verifies that parishioners have realized the full spiritual gains and abilities in their auditing and training. The Qualifications Division is therefore the division that issues certificates, validating new states of spiritual ability and awareness.

Division 6 is called the Public Division. Here, individuals are introduced to Scientology through lectures and films, open houses, Sunday church services and tape plays and introductory religious services. This division reaches out to the community to provide assistance when needed and contributes to local social programs. Through the Public Division, the church performs many goodwill activities which benefit the entire community. Division 6 personnel also help parishioners form “field groups” to minister basic Dianetics and Scientology services to the public so more people can benefit from Dianetics and Scientology.


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