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Scientology has had a major impact upon both my personal life and my artistic life. It has contributed tremendously to the survival and expansion of both.

As an artist I have had difficulties that were very hard to confront – phenomena such as “stage fright” or “the blank page when writing that first line.” The “solutions” to these and other problems, in the form of drugs and alcohol, had plagued me for a long time.

Scientology supplies a technology that assisted me in confronting and handling such situations very effectively. My ability to create impact as an artist has increased tremendously due to Scientology auditing and training.

Marital and familial relationships had long been an unstable area for me. Scientology handled this area of my life and has given me the ability to create a very sane and healthy family and the best possible environment in which to bring up my children.

Applying Scientology technology, for me, has been the smartest decision I could have possibly made toward the betterment of my life and the lives of those around me.

Mark Isham
Musician & Composer


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