What is Scientology?

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Scientology: Its Background and Origins
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L. Ron Hubbard


What Scientologists Say

f one honestly avails himself of the technology and sincerely applies himself to gain the benefits offered, there are apparently no limits to what can be achieved.

This chapter is devoted to the stories of individual Scientologists and tells of the gains and results they have experienced. It is in these that the worth of Scientology finds its truest expression.

The opinions of experts or the pronouncements of authorities bear little importance. It is by each individual’s reckoning whether or not he arrives at a better place.

People who have benefited come from all over the globe and from all walks of life. L. Ron Hubbard’s technology knows no economic, ethnic, racial, political or religious barriers. Wisdom is for any man who chooses to reach for it.

Literally millions of stories are on file in churches and missions in all parts of the world. These are not the stories of the privileged or select. They are the successes of everyday people who were looking for answers and who were bright enough to know when the answers had been found.

The following should not be construed as claims made by the Church concerning personal benefits any individual will experience. The Church provides the services. The results speak for themselves.


Meet a Scientologist

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