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The sole purpose of justice in Scientology is to establish the truth of a matter and determine guilt or innocence. With this established, proper restitution of wrongs can be made. Scientologists with disputes can use Scientology justice to settle matters amicably. Any Scientologist can avail himself of the justice system to resolve civil disputes, be they with another Scientologist or even a non-Scientologist. And because Scientology justice is fair, economical and occurs without delay, Scientologists find it of great value.

Any justice action in Scientology is expected to be concluded within a week of being convened, saving the parties involved the unnecessary stress of lengthy delays. Situations are resolved rapidly, the outcome resulting in the greatest good for the greatest number.

Church justice codes delineate four general classes of crimes and offenses: errors, misdemeanors, crimes and high crimes. These range from minor unintentional errors or omissions in applying Church policy or Scientology technology, to felonies and serious ecclesiastical offenses.

Justice proceedings are effected by bodies formally convened by duly authorized members of the Church with the sole purpose of carrying out one particular justice action. These temporary bodies consist of Church staff members or other Scientologists who otherwise carry on with their normal duties and activities, but who are given the responsibility of acting on behalf of the group in the matter before them. No attorneys are used and the entire business of a justice action in Scientology is to determine with accuracy the truth of the situation and to see that any wrong is rectified accordingly. There are no legal maneuverings or technicalities which obscure establishing rightness or wrongness, innocence or guilt. One is expected to present the truth, and knowing that the procedures are fair, this is almost exclusively what then happens. An accused has access to any reports against him and has the right to face and question his accusers.


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