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As man is basically good, despite his evil reactions to his reactive mind, a being who is Clear becomes willing to trust himself with such abilities. And in any case none can have more power than they can control.

In Scientology a Clear can walk his way to Operating Thetan, not in the decades demanded even by a temporary state in past ages, but within months or at most a year or so. And when he attains the state he is no longer subject to sudden and inexplicable collapses as occurred 2,500 years ago. One is able to attain and retain the desirable condition.

Not the least of the qualities of OT is personal and knowing immortality and freedom from the cycle of birth and death.

The concept is rather vast for immediate grasp but chiefly because one has hoped and had his hope for this turned to despair and his despair turned to a total apathy concerning it too often down the ages to do more than extend a tremulous wonder.


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