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A third route Scientologists use to progress up the Bridge is a combination of auditing in the Hubbard Guidance Center and auditor training in the Academy. When the Scientologist is not in session as a preclear, he is in a course room, studying to be an auditor. This combined route has the advantages of rapidity of progress up both sides of the Grade Chart. One’s gains in auditing are augmented by the gains of training, making it an excellent way to progress for those who have the time to do both concurrently.

It should be noted that TRs are not undertaken simultaneously with auditing and so those who wish to study Academy Level training material while receiving auditing in the HGC should do their Professional TR Course and Professional Upper Indoc TR Course beforehand. Experience has taught that apart from teaching auditing skills, the TRs result in vast personal changes and gain as the individual’s ability to confront and handle communication improves. For this reason, TR training should not be intermixed with auditing.

These are the three main ways Scientologists progress up the Bridge to Total Freedom. Regardless of the route one chooses, the adventure of Scientology is a journey of awakening and self-discovery unlike anything else in life.


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