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Level VI – Class VI Auditor

(Hubbard Senior Scientologist)

Those who have attained the state of Clear who are not Class V Auditors may enroll directly on the Briefing Course, the only prerequisite being that they have completed the Student Hat and Professional TRs and Metering Courses.

A full understanding of Scientology and, therefore, of life could only be arrived at in one way: by learning the consecutive, chronological series of Mr. Hubbard’s breakthroughs, step by step, so you not only know what his discoveries are, but why they were arrived at and how they progressed. Once you see how these breakthroughs fit together, you can totally master the technology. Only on the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course can you achieve this.

With Scientology Academy training providing fundamental theory and techniques to handle the primary factors that complicate life and aberrate a being, the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course brings you to a superlative level of technical skill and competence.

The Saint Hill Special Briefing Course is the most comprehensive single auditor training service in Scientology. It contains the largest, broadest body of information on the subject of human behavior, the mind, life and spirituality that has ever been available. It exists to train superlative auditors. Its graduates are known as The Dukes of the Auditor Elite.


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