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New OT VII Completion Pin

Like any other gain in Scientology, the state of OT is attained gradiently. Just as it would not be as beneficial to give someone New Era Dianetics auditing before handling the negative effects of drugs and toxins with the Purification Rundown, so it is wrong to try to move someone onto the OT levels before he is ready for them. One might as well pull a baby out of its bassinet and demand that he run. He cannot run until he has first learned to crawl and then to walk. The reactive mind thoroughly blocks the thetan from regaining and exercising his native powers. But once this block is removed, an individual can learn to operate as himself, a spiritual being.

The OT levels contain the very advanced materials of L. Ron Hubbard’s researches and it is here a person achieves the ultimate realization of his own nature and his relationship to life and all the dynamics. Abilities return as he advances up through the OT levels and he recovers the entirety of his beingness. Miracles of life have been exposed to full view for the first time ever on the OT levels. Not the least of these miracles is knowing immortality and freedom from the cycle of birth and death.

These levels are fifteen in number, each one a complete auditing service. OT Levels I through V are ministered at Advanced Organizations and the Flag Service Organization. OT levels through VII are available at the Flag Service Organization in Clearwater. OT Level VIII, and higher OT levels when released, are available exclusively from the Flag Ship Service Organization, aboard the Freewinds.


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