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The answer lies in the fact that Scientology Grades were developed as an undercut to Dianetics. The preclear usually needs a lot of work on his life and his relationship to his environment before he can easily confront his reactive mind on NED. The Grades unburden a great deal of the reactive mind and environment, not to mention the fact that they provide enormous gains in his life. And by first giving him Scientology Expanded Grades, it is then far easier for him when he moves into New Era Dianetics and when he attains the state of Clear. Instead of increasing the number of hours to reach Clear, the Scientology Grades actually can shorten it up.

New Era Dianetics auditing consists of eighteen separate steps, specific rundowns and actions which address the engrams contained in the reactive mind. The different sensations, emotions, feelings and so forth are used to trace back engrams in the reactive mind. Utilizing Dianetics auditing procedure, the preclear erases those engrams, nullifying the reactive mind's ability to control the individual unwittingly.

The NED Drug Rundown, for example, resolves the factors in the reactive mind related to drug addiction, eradicating not only the unwanted aftereffects of drugs, but even those reactive forces that initially led one to turn to drugs. The harmful effects of drugs on the mind are erased and a person is freed from the compulsion to take drugs.

Another of the NED Rundowns, entirely tailor-made to the individual, handles anything a person considers to be a disability. There is no longer any need to adjust to one’s limitations when he can eradicate the cause of them in the reactive mind.

Dianetics does not cure any physical condition, but does address those spiritual and mental factors that can predispose or precipitate illness or make medicine ineffective. As a result, by handling the psychosomatic causes, one can achieve a well and happy human being and often bring a person to that burst of glory and freedom known as the state of Clear.

NED is available at Scientology churches and missions.


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