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The thetan is the identity which IS the individual; it is not the body. In Scientology, it has been found that a thetan can leave the body and exist independent of the flesh. This phenomenon is called exteriorization. After exteriorization, a person gains certainty he is himself and not his body.
The thetan is the source of all creation and life itself. It becomes fully apparent for the first time in man’s experience that the spirit is immortal and possessed of capabilities well in excess of those hitherto predicted. The exteriorization of the thetan from his body accomplishes the realization of goals envisioned — but questionably, if ever, obtained — in spiritualism, mysticism and such fields.

Recognition of the thetan makes possible gains in ability and awareness — improvements which are not attainable in any practice holding man to be only a body and thus entirely subject to physical universe limitations. Psychology, for instance, had worked itself into a dead end. Having no concept of the existence of an animating factor to life, it had degenerated into a practice devoted solely to the creation of an effect on living forms.

In Scientology, however, the thetan himself is directly addressed. Such an approach to improvement accomplishes increased spiritual freedom, intelligence and ability for the individual, and clarifies any part of life.


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