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An individual with a history of drug use may find that the effects of drugs severely inhibit his studies. In some cases it is necessary that a student do the Purification program and the Drug Rundown before he can adequately progress up the Bridge. This requirement imposes no economic hardship, as the needed processes and actions may be co-audited at any church or mission.

The next subject to be learned if one is to progress on the Bridge are effective communication skills, which are taught on the Hubbard Professional TR Course and the Hubbard Professional Upper Indoc TR Course. Here, one masters the communication cycle, which is vitally important in auditing. He also masters the subject of control, which too is indispensable. Many difficulties in the application of auditing can be traced to a faulty understanding of TRs and how to use them.

Once a student has mastered study technology and the TRs, he is ready to learn how to use the E-Meter on the Hubbard Professional Metering Course. A fully trained Scientology auditor, at any given moment, knows precisely what is happening with regard to mental masses and charge in the preclear. On the Hubbard Professional Metering Course, the student auditor becomes deft at identifying the sources of trouble in another’s life and monitoring the process that will eradicate the mental masses and charge that have accumulated in these areas. The difference between helping the preclear attain freedom from these hidden barriers in his reactive mind and not so helping falls squarely in the realm of meter training.

With mastery of E-Meter operation, the Scientologist then takes another major step in his training by learning the theory and techniques of Scientology Expanded Grades auditing. This material is covered in Academy Levels 0-IV, as described in previous chapters. The importance of applying the materials on any training course cannot be overstressed. One does drills to learn how to operate the E-Meter, drills to learn how to properly do each action associated with an auditing session, and drills on the techniques used in auditing. All this drilling leads up to an ability to apply the technology. It is essential then that one spends adequate time on drills and learns each one well.


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