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After finishing the Academy Levels 0­IV, the auditor should now intern as a Class IV Auditor. An internship provides much needed experience as an auditor, polishes the skills learned in the Academy and develops certainty in oneself and one’s abilities. Each higher classification attained should be followed by an internship for that class, so experience is gained at each level as one moves up.

Training in Scientology also should include the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course. This course contains all the materials of Dianetics and Scientology necessary for a full understanding of life. When studying the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course, one may also co-audit with another student on any process or action taught on the course, and the student is thus able to audit as he desires.

Complete mastery of auditing technology comes with training on the Class VIII Course. The Class VIII Course trains an auditor in the precise standard of application for any case.

By training as an auditor one moves up the entire Bridge in the most economical way possible, acquiring all the data and all the gains there are to be had. Many Scientologists have advanced far in Scientology by training as auditors. It is the most highly recommended way to progress.


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