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The training side of the Classification, Gradation and Awareness Chart lays out the progression of courses necessary to become an auditor. This sequence usually begins with one or more introductory services, as described earlier, which lead up onto the training side of the Bridge. After completing one or more introductory services, the Student Hat course is a vital first major service.

Mr. Hubbard found that the single biggest pitfall in training was the inability to study properly. Mr. Hubbard remedied this with his discovery of the three barriers to learning and his subsequent development of a technology to overcome them. Since then, it has invariably been the case that the Scientologist who knows and applies Mr. Hubbard’s study technology throughout his training speeds through his courses and becomes an accomplished auditor.

Another indispensable service is the Method One Word Clearing Co-audit Course. Method One is one of the nine methods of Word Clearing. A person can learn to audit this procedure and then co-audit it with another individual. Method One Word Clearing is an auditing procedure in which the auditor and preclear search for and clear out of the way any basic word and meaning errors in the preclear’s past. The value of this is appreciated when one realizes that with Method One Word Clearing, whole subjects and even entire educations that previously were not understood may be recovered. A person can fall permanently behind at points where he accumulated misunderstoods. Method One frees the person from these points and makes it possible for him to use his education.

Either the Student Hat or Method One Word Clearing may be done first, but both are necessary for successful and rapid study that will allow one to reap the full spiritual benefits of Scientology.


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