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The Academy Levels - auditor training levels 0-IV.


What makes Scientology unique to earlier religions is that it contains a route to higher states of being that man can attain in just one lifetime.

That these higher states exist – and that one could be something far higher and better than that of “mortal man” in this lifetime – is perhaps difficult for some to grasp. Yet these states do exist, and through Scientology training and auditing one has the bridge to such levels – and to a future only dreamed of in the past. One’s route to these states is made possible only by auditors skilled in the ministry of the Scientology Expanded Grades.

The Academy Levels are a series of five auditor classification services that parallel the Scientology Expanded Grades discussed in the preceding chapter. Each level contains the underlying principles and auditing processes of its corresponding grade. For those learning Scientology, the Academy is where the principles of Scientology – and what they achieve – become manifest. Each level consists of both theory study and practical application of a specific aspect of Scientology technology. A series of recorded lectures by Mr. Hubbard are an integral part of the theory study.

In short, each of these training levels contains answers to the spiritual barriers that hold people back from everything they set out to achieve in their lives. And because each level deals with a specific aspect of life and the way to improve that aspect, when you acquire the knowledge and skills of these levels you become much more causative in life overall.


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