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L. Ron Hubbard


The State of Clear and Beyond

Continuing his technical research through the early months of 1966, L. Ron Hubbard announced a breakthrough of supreme importance: The state of Clear was now attained with certainty by any well-trained auditor. A few months later, Mr. Hubbard released the first two OT levels beyond the state of Clear, and with these new levels now available Scientologists flocked to Saint Hill from around the world.

By mid-May 1966, the first Clears were attesting at Saint Hill, and the routine attainment of this long-dreamed-of state was particularly meaningful to Scientologists. Clears were often featured on the cover of The Auditor, and returning to their homelands, were regularly called upon to speak. Their success, in turn, inspired others to move out into the world – auditing, setting up introductory courses and generally spreading the word. To that end, two enterprising Scientologists began translating Scientology materials into Danish, while others were either opening or expanding Scientology centers in Austin, Texas; Buffalo, New York; Manchester, England; Guadalajara, Mexico; and The Hague, Netherlands.

With the pattern of organizations now in place and the field continuing to expand at a healthy rate, Mr. Hubbard took another critical step for the future. He resigned his Scientology directorship to devote himself fully to further research. In September 1966, all his administrative duties were turned over to Executive Council Worldwide and 100 staff charged with the responsibility of administering the existing Scientology network and ensuring its further expansion.


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