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The Bridge to Freedom

With the release of the Classification and Gradation Chart in September 1965, delineating the exact steps of auditing and training on the Bridge to Total Freedom, Scientologists now had an exact route to follow to achieve the state of Clear. This included the release of the Scientology Grades 0­IV to establish a firm foundation at the beginning of the Bridge.

Concurrent with his technical research, Mr. Hubbard had been examining the very basics of organization as part of his continuing efforts to make his technology readily available and standardly delivered. As a result, in November Mr. Hubbard announced the seven-division organizing board – immediately implemented at Saint Hill, sent out to organizations around the world, and becoming the standard pattern of operation still in use today.

In consequence, Scientology continued to reach new areas in Australia where more Scientology lectures and demonstrations were organized; in South Africa where a Cape Town Scientologist launched a course for businessmen; and in New Zealand where Scientologists wrote in their thanks for the new international The Auditor magazine which told of technical advances and success. And with every issue of The Auditor came news from other corners of the world, instilling a sense of unity among Scientologists, whether in Alberta, Canada; Port Elizabeth, South Africa; Puerto Rico; or Glenrock, Illinois.


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